Learn how we select and evaluate Suppliers at Brisa Group.

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The Procurement and Purchasing department of Brisa Group aims to ensure the best selection and monitoring of its suppliers.

The objective is to maximize efficiency and operational results through a transparent and specialized process while complying with all internal and legal requirements, always in alignment with the defined purpose and values of the Group.

Supplier Code of Conduct

With the aim of aligning Supplier’s offerings with the purpose and values of Brisa Group, the Supplier Code of Conduct introduces a new way of selecting, contracting and working with our partners.

Read the Supplier Code of Conduct

Procurement and Purchasing Policy

To establish quality relationships with different stakeholders, it is necessary to know the guidelines and best practices in the scope of Procurement and Purchasing, described in this Policy.

Read Procurement and Purchasing Policy

Supplier Evaluation Criteria

In the context of controlling and monitoring the performance of its suppliers, Brisa Group presents a diverse set of evaluation criteria, including:

Suppliers relevant to the quality of products, processes and services developed by the Group companies, with an impact on Quality Management Systems, Environmental and Innovation:

  • Price history and deviations in billing documents compared to the negotiated and awarded price

  • Adherence to deadlines, quantities, shipping standards, and agreed-upon dates in the scope of the supply of goods

  • Quality of service provided and compliance with agreed data

  • Supplier performance concerning the organization, the existence of environmental practices, their after-sales service, and technical assistance (if applicable).

Suppliers with employees on the premises of Group companies, within the scope of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System:

  • Agreed-upon document delivery deadlines

  • Verification of safety practices

  • Instances of non-compliance observed and/or reported during the Supplier’s activities

  • Number of workplace accidents


Suppliers who access information residing in critical information assets, impacting Information Security Management Systems:

  • Number of information security incidents


Suppliers processing personal data on behalf of and under the instruction of Group companies, impacting Information Security and Privacy Management Systems:

  • Number of personal data breaches

Ethics and Transparency

Brisa Group promotes transparent management aligned with the organization’s ethics, best corporate governance practices, social values, and the Law.

Consult Ethics and Transparency policies

Procurement Processes

Brisa Group promotes the execution of procurement processes through digital trading platforms, aiming for greater speed and efficiency while ensuring its principles of ethics, transparency, and confidentiality.

For public procurement processes, Brisa Group uses the Vortal Vision platform.

Visit Vortal Vision Platform
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