Purpose and values

Get to know the purpose and values that guide our activity.

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Our purpose

To transform communities’ quality of life, connecting people through simple, safe and sustainable mobility.

In partnership with our main stakeholders, our mission is to efficiently develop and manage sustainable and innovative transport infrastructure and mobility solutions that best serve our customers.


Brisa has played a key role in financing, definition, construction and operation of a motorway network that covers the main highways in Portugal, covering the country from north to south and from east to west.


Over 50 years, Brisa has led the national market and established a structured and internationally recognized road infrastructure operation model.


The emergence of new trends, technological developments and changes in people's behavior patterns determined the entry into a new era, where the concept of mobility acquired a broader meaning, bringing new challenges.


In this context, Brisa will continue to provide efficient mobility for people, focusing on mobility as a necessary condition for growth, development and value creation.


Our values

Brisa developed a culture strongly geared towards promoting mobility and accessibility, with important economic and social benefits for the activities and communities it serves, based on the following values:

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Brisa promotes the best management practices, transparent and aligned towards organization's values ​​and with the norms and fundamental principles of ethics. It encourages the application of these practices transversally by all employees and by all Group segments.

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Brisa promotes a culture based on rigorous and excellent practices, procedures and processes. This way of acting allows it to be recognized nationally and internationally.

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Brisa promotes the development of its businesses in accordance with the most demanding standards in terms of technology and innovation. Innovation is a critical factor for success and differentiation towards competitors.

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Brisa's focus is on people: employees (whom it promotes access to training and career development, balance between personal and professional life, adoption of appropriate work practices, prevention of health and safety at work) and customers (in the center of attention, according to the company's positioning).

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With the introduction of Sustainability as a corporate value, thus joining Ethics, Excellence, Innovation and People, Brisa assumes a set of ambitious objectives for the upcoming years.

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