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Terms of use

By accessing brisa.pt, the user accepts these terms without any other conditions or statements.

All contents are subject to copyright and are owned by Brisa. All rights are therefore reserved.

The user must always ask Brisa for permission to use any of these contents outside this area.

The user may not use said content in the following situations:

  • for commercial purposes
  • for illegal or immoral purposes or for the purpose of defaming and victimising people, societies or cultures represented in the contents
  • to denigrate the image of Brisa or the person(s) represented in the image
  • as an integral part of a registered brand or its respective logo
  • sale and redistribution of images is strictly prohibited

Information about rights

Brisa cannot guarantee that the user can use this content for the intended purposes. Some content may subject to additional copyright, property rights, commercial branding or others that may require authorisation from a third party.

Ultimately, the user is responsible for making sure that he/she has all the needed authorisations, licenses and rights to use this content.

The user must be aware that downloading an image does not mean that its copyright is transferred, so he/she may not claim ownership of the image. The license attributed by Brisa is not transmittable, which means the user may not sell, rent, give, sublicense or transfer the image or its rights of usage to third parties.

The terms of use described herein are complemented by the Brisa portal Privacy Policy.

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