Risk management

Ensuring sustained business growth and safeguarding the value of the group.
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The aim of Risk Management is to ensure the sustained growth of the businesses and to safeguard the value of the Brisa group, through the adoption of best practices, allowing in-house knowledge to be capitalised, and contributing to the achievement of strategic goals set forth at Group level. 

The Risk Management Policy is established at Group level, involving directly the governing bodies of the various companies of the Brisa Group, as well as all remaining corporate structures.

As a cornerstone of the Company’s governance policy, Risk Management is present in Brisa’s culture and management processes.

Employees are responsible for mitigating risk factors, minimizing their impact and identifying, whenever possible, opportunities for improvement and/or return.

The Group’s integrated risk management is based on internationally recognised methodologies such as COSO (Committee of Sponsorship Organizations of the Treadway Commission) e a ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 31000 – Gestão de Risco, developed as follows

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The process implemented at Brisa, besides ensuring convergence between Risk Management and Strategic Planning, allows to update on a regular basis and in a systematic and over-arching way the main risks associated with the business portfolio.

Additionally, it allows to determine respective control and/or mitigation measures, which in the current context of new business trends – evolution of efficient infrastructure management for the development of new mobility solutions - is particularly relevant to support management from a strategic perspective of sustained development of the entire company.

Categorias de Risco

Brisa Group is exposed to 4 types of risks:

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Risk associated with the definition and implementation of the strategy and timely responsiveness to internal and external events likely to significantly influence the group’s competitive position
Risk associated with the financial management of the Group, namely liquidity, interest rate or credit risk of main counterparties in possible financial transactions.
Risk associated with operational management stemming from activities likely to have significant impact in the continuity of the business.
Risk associated with compliance with the law, regulations, internal procedures or contracts.
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