Operational Coordination Center

Learn how we ensure the centralization of rescue, protection, patrolling, assistance and information operations.
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Created in 2004 and located in Carcavelos, on the Brisa campus, the Operational Coordination Center (CCO) operates alongside with 18 operational centers distributed throughout the country, ensuring effective traffic management in the Brisa network.

Equipped with innovative and efficient telematics equipment, it also becomes an important source of information for the sustainability analysis of Brisa Group.

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Innovation and Telematic

Since innovation is an intrinsic part of the Brisa culture, the telematic equipment installed in the Brisa network is the result of constant research and adaptation to the needs of the activity.

This constant flow of information allows to provide a better customer service and maintain the conditions of circulation.

In addition to technical equipment, Brisa also has 71 vehicles that circulate in the Brisa network. The continuous communication of these vehicles and GPS control allows the CCO to make an effective distribution of resources.


500 cameras

80% covered network



Means of assistance coordination

POS | GPS | Radio | Telephone



Customer Support Contact

Reception and return

Assistance, help and protection



Weather stations environmental control

35 stations



Recording of incidence data

Activation of means




Emergency Phone Networks - SOS

1 461 SOS points

Regular operability testing



Tunnel management

Activation of means


CCO's responsibilities

The CCO is responsible for providing all the necessary support for the performance of Brisa's activity in its road infrastructures.

This support is carried out in close collaboration with the 16 operational centres which, if necessary, are also equipped with the means to take control of operations locally.

Active traffic management

Through the information collected by its telematics equipment, the CCO performs an active traffic management, checking inflows, weather conditions and disturbances on the roads.


Conditions of circulation

Monitors and improves circulation conditions by triggering the means of assistance whenever necessary.


Rescue Operations

Through the various technological means, such as chambers and S.O.S. stations, it guarantees an optimized response time, coordinating rescue operations with other operational means.


With 80% of the network covered by a closed TV circuit, the CCO monitors the roads acting in case of need.


Brisa assistance vehicles patrol the roads checking their traffic conditions. In 2013, assistance vehicles covered 13 million km.

Customer Service

Brisa assistance vehicles are prepared to assist the customer in the event of an accident or malfunction. The information is collected through the various telephone equipment or by the telephone contact of the user.

Customer Information

The CCO provides customer information services, including road side events and weather conditions.


ISO 9001

Quality Certification

In 2010, Brisa O&M, including CCO, was certified in ISO 9001:2008 with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and process execution, as well as facilitating access to new business opportunities and increasing employee satisfaction and motivation.

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