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The various companies of the Brisa Group, their employees and partners are involved in a series of projects with different scopes:


  • Energy transition
  • “Clean” energy consumption
  • Waste, water and effluent management
  • Biodiversity
  • Road safety
  • Health
  • Safety at work
  • Support for local communities
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Some of these projects materialize through various investments in activities related to energy transition, operation, maintenance and improvement of motorways, control systems, technical and management solutions to respond to emergency situations with an impact on road safety.


Other investments have been carried out with regard to health and safety at work, with particular focus on improving the conditions of protection and visibility of work on roads open to traffic, with the reinforcement of signage and with the acquisition of protection vehicles with impact attenuators to protect the work area on the roads, meeting the requirements of Standard ISO 45001, currently being implemented.


Regarding projects involving communities, support to more than 30 institutions across the country stands out, with a global value of 370,000 euros, with a greater focus on combating poverty, inclusion and social integration (with special attention to childhood, youth and people with disabilities), and support for culture and knowledge.



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