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Innovation, a strategic pillar

Find out how we are driving innovation.



Investment in R&D



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Innovation is part of our DNA

Brisa has in its DNA a clear Innovation Mission & Intellectual enrichment.


Since the first innovative management processes that begun in the 70’s, to the introduction of technology on customer services. Furthermore, we have also introduced relevant innovation in our business model when we introduced the mobility vertical.


In the past years we have been witnessing a great development in the entrepreneurial ecosystem which open a door to have a more structured approach to work and develop new business models and services with startups and make them grow while innovating internally. 

Our corporate strategy

The commitment to internationalization through innovation is one of our strategic pillars for the coming years.

Driving the mobility of the future

In partnership with more than 50 national and international entities, Brisa Group is involved in several research, development and innovation projects in the area of ​​mobility.

Discover funded projects

Grow Mobility

Through our Grow Mobility start-up accelerator, we encourage entrepreneurship in the technological areas of interest to us.


What do we do?

  • We accelerate synergies with startups
  • We give the opportunity for pilot projects
  • We build bridges with the entrepreneurial ecosystem


Why do we do it?

  • Innovation is in our DNA
  • We want to grow and innovate with startups
  • We assume a transformational role in culture


What are we looking for?

  • Startups that can be synergistic with our business
  • That generate relevant data with mobility solutions, using customer usage and consumption patterns and Brisa's internal information
  • Business models and innovative and disruptive ideas, focusing on products and services in relevant areas (ETC, Big Data, GNSS, Telematics, RUC and Mobility)
  • Highly relevant and with scalability as a key factor, startups must think globally and succeed to become a scale-up
  • Areas of interest: New mobility services, tolls, telematics, road infrastructure, operational efficiency, data analytics & digitization


What do we offer?

  • Access to the entire Brisa market
  • Access to a network of mentors
  • Access to different areas of Brisa Ecosystem and sandbox for field tests
  • Availability to make minority investments
  • Monitoring management and access to administrative tools
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