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Know the conditions of access and use of the Brisa Group's corporate website.

Liability disclamer

Brisa Group aims to provide information produced in the framework of its powers. This information might not always be updated or be the most complete, given that there are contents that depend on other organizations for which we cannot take any responsibility.

It is Brisa Group’s objective to minimize any disruption caused by technical errors. However, it cannot guarantee the continuity or the no disruption of service due to such problems.

Brisa Group accepts no responsibility for any problems incurred as a result of using this site, applications (App) and tools, as well as pages of companies that are part of it, or any other external site linked to it.

This liability disclaimer is not intended to limit Brisa Group’s liability in a manner contrary to current legislation.

Copyright protection

Users have free access to all the information contained on this page and can copy it and import it for personal use only and always referring to its source.

This information cannot be used for lucrative or offensive purposes, be manipulated or altered without the express mention of that fact.


Under article 35 of the Portuguese Constitution and Law No. 67/98, of 26 October, it is ensured the confidentiality of the user identity. Some of the website features can be used without requiring the disclosure of any personal information from the user.

The provision of personal data by the respective holder requires knowledge and acceptance of these conditions, so that, by providing its personal information, the user consents to the collection, use and disclosure of its personal data in accordance to the rules defined in the applied gathering instruments.

Personal data collected is intended for managing the users from the Brisa Group companies websites and can be used, in particular, for statistical purposes and marketing communications.

Whenever users commit illegal acts, Brisa Group will proceed with the respective identification and legal procedures will be applied.

In accordance with the Data Protection Law, in case of any doubt about the Confidentiality, or to change, correct or delete your personal data, please contact the data handling manager using the contact details provided in Suggestions and Complaints.

Use of cookies

Brisa Group's website uses cookies to guarantee and improve the quality of the information transmitted and the user experience.

Definition of cookie

A cookie is a piece of information automatically placed on a user's computer or mobile device when the user accesses a website or application.

Cookies allow data to be stored on the server to improve the user's web experience and analyse and review the website's performance.

Cookies used

Currently, the Grupo Brisa's corporate website uses:

  • Essential, own and third-party cookies, which are essential for the proper functioning of the website and, therefore, mandatory.
  • Performance and personalisation Cookies which analyse and improve the navigation experience on the website and allow relevant advertising to be displayed.

Changing cookies preferences

The user can authorise or reject the various cookies at any time and according to preferences.

Final dispositions

Brisa Group reserves the right to modify the terms of access and use of its corporate website at any time. Any changes will be posted on this page and material changes will be applied to activities and any data collected in the future.

The terms above are presumed to be accepted by the user to access any of the sections of the Brisa Group website.

Política de Privacidade 

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