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Controlauto has 51 inspection centres in several locations across the country, dedicated to the study, management and operation of automobile technical control.


inspection centres (2022)



inspection services (2022)

23 %

market share (2021)

Founded in 1993 and is integrated in the Brisa Group. The company provides automobile inspection services in the most convenient way possible for customers.

Aiming at a closer relationship with customers and the development of modern solutions, Controlauto allows scheduling inspections beforehand through the Internet.


Controlauto is certified in Quality and is Accredited for the inspection of motor vehicles.
Controlauto continually seeks to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System it has implemented, with a view to the excellence of the services it provides and the satisfaction of its customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers.

Quality Management System

Controlauto continuously seeks to improve the effectiveness of the implemented Quality Management System, aiming for the excellence of the services provided and the satisfaction of customers, shareholders, employees, and suppliers.

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Shareholder Structure

Controlauto is majority owned by Brisa, its shareholder since the beginning with a 74% stake.

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