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A A-to-Be is a Brisa’s group international brand responsible for developing and delivering solutions to mobility services operators.


Tolls in Europe and US (2020)



Mobility services transactions (2020)



Support remote actions (2020)

A vision for mobility

With 30 years of experience in the development of technology solutions for tolls and traffic, Brisa has now adopted the A-to-Be brand. This represents a turn in the company’s vision and positioning, towards creating more adequate solutions to mobility needs that are faster and more disruptive — that go beyond vehicles and infrastructures.


Focusing on people and on the several ways we have to get from point “A” to point “B”, A-to-Be offers solutions internationally to make intelligent transportation systems even more efficient. Our purpose? To turn simple trips into real experiences — which are easy, safe, sustainable and gratifying.


A-To-Be is an enabler of outstanding mobility experiences by providing best-in-class Intelligent Transport Systems.


Quality, Environment and Innovation

Guided by responsible action, in addition to the certification of its Quality and Innovation Management Systems, A-to-Be continuously seeks to improve, not only the quality of the services it provides, but also its environmental performance.


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Shareholder structure

Brisa owns 83.21% of the company A-to-Be.

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